Service description PRO INVESTOR

A service that allows investors to earn money in the Forex and CFD market by copying the transactions of trading masters. At the same time, the investor is relieved of the need to make decisions and make trading operations, and the trader receives additional income in the form of a commission for successful transactions.

Open an account


  • Opens an investor account
  • Selects a trader in the ranking.
  • Attaches your account to the account of the trader
  • Earns income


  • Register as a wizard
  • Carries out trading operations using own funds (the amount on the trader's account must be at least 50 000$)
  • Transactions are copied to the investor's account.
  • Gets a commission on investor profits


The investor was interested in the work of the trader with a commission of 10%, and he connected his account with a deposit of $ 10,000 to the account of this Trader

1. Start of transaction

A trader opens a BUY position of 0.5 lots EUR / USD at a price of 1.12, having $ 5,000 on the trading account.

2. Closing deal

A trader closes a BUY position of 0.5 lots of EUR / USD at a price of 1.13 and fixes a profit of $ 500. In this case, the investor’s profit is $ 1,000.

3. Mutual settlement

100 $ -commission fee of the trader (10% of the investor’s profit) - is reserved on a special buffer account, and then distributed between the trader and investor when mutual settlements occur.


Fixed board

Weekly, a subscription fee for connecting to the master account is debited from the investor’s personal account.

Profit sharing

At the end of the trading interval, or early withdrawal of funds by the investor, profit distribution is carried out.

Negative result

If a negative result is obtained on the account for the trading interval, the Manager does not receive anything, and the Investor incurs all losses.